Monday, June 24, 2013

Reynaldo Strikes Again

I have three days left with Reynaldo. So what I'm saying is that Friday afternoon can't come fast enough.

Last Friday, I sat in a different place so I could get away from him. I was working on my Bible study and he climbed the stairs to where I was, smacked his hand down on my book, and said, "Hey! You look like one of my teachers."

His mother was down below me. I couldn't see her. I had a short conversation with him and he went on his way. Not five minutes later, he was back. He ran down the length of the bleachers, stopped when he got to me, stuck his face up to mine and screamed. Then he ran on.

Down one flight of stairs. Up the other flight. Run. Stop. Scream in my face. Repeat. At one point, I saw a man sitting on the bleachers down on the lower level. He was staring up at the scene. I was sure that he was counting his lucky stars that he hadn't decided to sit where I did. I began to reach up and plug my ears when the lad went darting by.

So, with my ears plugged, Reynaldo decided to try a different tactic.

He walked backward from one end of the bleachers to the other. In the process, he ran straight into me. I almost yelled at him to KNOCK IT THE HECK OFF RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW! But I caught the eye of the man on the lower bleachers and decided not to come all the way out of my Jesus. Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Even Reynaldo.

When the lesson--which is only a half hour but, with Reynaldo, feels like a day--was almost over, I gathered the boys stuff and walked down the stairs to meet them. I leaned against the wall. Reynaldo followed me and joined his mother. Then his little brother climbed out of the pool and Reynaldo shut his finger in the gate and the brother howled and the mother yelled. "WALK OVER TO YOUR FATHER!" she commanded. "GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR DAD, NOW!"

And Reynaldo walked directly over to the man on the bleachers.

The same man who had been watching his son the entire time that he screamed in my face, ran over me backward, and slammed his hand down on my study.

Sure, I could say something. I could explain to these people that their son is beyond out of control. But I've now witnessed both parents--fully aware of how obnoxious their son behaves--not doing anything to stop him. So I really don't think it would help.

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