Monday, June 3, 2013


When I tell you that I had approximately 1,345,012 pictures stored on my computer and that I've only had this computer since September of 2011, I'm only being slightly hyperbolic.

I might be prone to exaggeration.


I've been going through my pictures and, you know, deleting the ones that aren't even in focus. Chucking the duplicates. Being pickier with what I keep. I'm down to somewhere around 843,921 photos now.

I came across this one from earlier in the year. It was taken on Garrett's camera so I'm guessing that either Troy or Garrett is holding the camera and doing a selfie. I'm pretty sure that I had nothing to do with it and, by the picture in the background, I know that it was taken in my bedroom. I also know that Matthew is in pajamas. So I'm hoping there wasn't some random person in my bedroom AT BEDTIME taking pictures of my family. Because. Just. Weird.

I like my family.

But what stood out to me about this picture, in particular, was the rainbow that God gave me in their eyes.

Troy's eyes are so light. They're, maybe, the lightest blue I've ever seen when it comes to irises. It's really no wonder that if he goes outside without sunglasses he ends up screaming, "Ah! MY EYES! MY EYES!" and squinting them shut like a kid with pink eye and an aversion to drops. (There might be some more hyperbole in that description of my husband. He is not actually a seven-year-old girl.)

Matthew's are at the other end of the spectrum. Once, when he needed to have his eyes dilated, we had to wait for an especially long time and use a specific kind of solution because his eyes are very nearly the same color as his pupils.

Garrett's are the middle of the rainbow. The change depending on what he's wearing, the weather, his mood. I have no idea really what makes them change but they've been known to look green, hazel, gray, light and brown. We have no earthly idea what the kid's going to put on his driver's license.

Really. Those eyes are rainbows. Looking at them is like looking at one of God's promises.

Or three of them.

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