Monday, October 3, 2011

Secret Ambition

In high school, I was on a mission trip. I don't remember why I ended up on a small stage in a tiny church in Mexico doing a sound check but I did. I don't remember why I suddenly did a bad rendition of Michael W. Smith's "Secret Ambition" but I'm sure it had something to do with my flair for the dramatics.

The other day, out of the middle of nowhere, from some dark recess of my mind, "Secret Ambition" began flowing from my vocal chords.

I still really like the song. I love the awesome 80's sound. I appreciate the lyrics. So I looked for it on YouTube. I've seen the video before but it's been years, more than a decade I'm sure. Passing time and a degree in Theatre might be what makes the video so humorous to me.

0:12- Oh, Smitty. That outfit was not timeless. That hair was not timeless. That hair toss, however, just might have been. Nice vest.
0:27- That man is way too Caucasian to be Jesus. Did no one on this production realize that Jesus was Jewish?
0:31- Entire Caucasian cast. With mullets.
0:35- Smitty doing his best "Young, Brooding, Christian Recording Artist" smolder.
0:43- I think we have those exact costume head pieces in the the storage room at church.
0:58- Is it just me or does that woman have a subtle French manicure?
0:59- More of the bad costume head pieces. I can't handle them. Make them go away.
1:08- Is this supposed to be Israel? It looks like Sedona.
1:36- Smitty really has this brooding thing down.
1:44- Random symbolic birds.
1:50- Wait. That's the temple? It looks like cardboard boxes spray painted white.
2:01- Oh. Bad. Purple. Head. Piece.
2:21- Adorable little girl. American. Or French. Or Canadian, possibly. Not Jewish though. No.
2:30- Passionate Smitty attempting to dislocate a shoulder.
2:46- Those head pieces were a really bad idea. The bushy red beards may be a worse one.
3:16- Violent fist pump from Smitty.
3:19- Is that Pilate? With an 80's mustache?
4:02- Smitty croons at the sky, his thumbs firmly planted in his spectacular 80's denim.
4:08- We actually had those exact Roman officer costumes at our former church. Really.
4:10-4:30--The best part of the entire video. I mean, a video can't capture the awesome sadness and glory of Christ's crucifixion but there's nothing 80's about those twenty seconds.
4:41- Smitty spins in circles. It is somewhat reminiscent of children that spin around until they fall over. Except Smitty stops short of actually falling over.
5:25- Caucasian actor's head appears to float in a pond.
5:32- Smitty is, apparently, a narcoleptic.


  1. i'm proud to say i was present for your "secret ambition" rendition. i think we were early to a meeting in the chapel and isn't boredom the mother of creativity, especially when a 15-year-old with a penchant for the dramatic has a stage at her disposal? it's too bad we didn't go to high school in the days of smart phones and facebook because i totally would've caught that on video and posted it.

  2. Oh my! I haven't seen this in a while but I think I saw it about 500x when I was younger. We had the video, my mom LOVED MWS! So funny, I will have to show this to her for sure!