Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cake Pops

The Rock Star saw an infomercial for a pan that makes cake pops. "Mommy, can you make those?" he questioned as he started to run into the kitchen to assemble the ingredients.

"No, Honey, I can't," I replied.


"No. I really can't. I don't have the pan."

"What pan?" he asked as though I was making this part up.

I pointed to the television. "That pan. The one they're selling."

His shoulders sagged. "Uh oh!" He's been saying that lately. Every time I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do or that we can't do something he does want to do or that it's bedtime or that his battle needs to be picked up or, or, or...the list is endless, really.

Minutes later I found him in the kitchen. He was standing on the stool. On the counter in front of him was a loaf of bread, a melon baller, chili powder, garlic salt and cream of tartar.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He held up the melon baller. "I'm gonna make cake pops!"


  1. Cake Pops with garlic and Tartar sauce, MMMM.

    Kid has some strange tastes. Of course this is the same kid who suggested we bring a rotisserie chicken for the after game snack to his T-Ball game today.


  2. What a kid!! Although those might taste a little weird!

    By the way: You don't need that pan for cake pops!
    They're easy! You need: baked cake, frosting, glaze, and lollipop sticks

    *Bake a cake,even store mix will do

    *Crumble it in a bowl

    *Mix in 3/4-1 c.frosting (storebought will also work here) until you have it firm enough to mold balls with

    *Roll balls out of it & stick in the freezer for at least an hour

    *You need some kind of glaze. If you like chocolate, I recommend the kind they use for dipping fruit found in the grocery baking aisle. The candy disk melts aren't my favorite. but you can try those too.

    *Take the balls out, put on a lollipop style stick, dip in the glaze/chocolate, and put upright in a container (I put holes in a shoebox but any box would work as long as they can stand above the hold a little and stand up straight. i have yet to perfect this part. You could probably put holes in a box and sticky tack underneath or something to hold them up. But really, this is ONLY if you care about how they LOOK not how they TASTE so if you only care about how they taste SKIP THIS LAST PART! :-)

    *Put back in the freezer until set

    There you go. Now you know. Those pans only work if you want frosted cake anyways because you have to crumble the cake to mix in the frosting...

  3. He had it sort of right with the melon baller. He knew he wanted round cake.

  4. If you want to make cake pops without the special pan, Bakerella has all kinds of recipes and decorating methods on her blog. :-)