Thursday, October 6, 2011

And It's Snowing

Really, Utah?


When I spoke at the retreat last weekend I could not go outside in my dress pants, short sleeve shirt and thin jacket (buttoned at the elbow) without melting in the heat. The high that day was 86. But allow me to explain that I was not complaining about the heat. Not me. I like the heat. I love the sunshine. It's good for the heart.

That was five days ago. Five.

Today it is snowing! Yes, southern California, you heard me. Here, where I live, in the frozen tundra that exists between the Wasatch and the Oquirrh mountain ranges, it is snowing on October 6th. It is currently 40 degrees outside. That's a 46 degree swing in five days. Unacceptable.

For the record, I do not find this amusing.

I'm going to make Utah go to couples therapy with me as I do not feel that my needs are being met by this ridiculous display.

Batten down the hatches, Utahns, you'll feel warm again at the end of May.

Does anyone in Florida, southern California, Arizona or Hawaii need a speaker for any winter conferences? (Other states where winter temperatures stay above 55 degrees may also qualify). I figure if I can travel somewhere warm at least once a month I might be able to endure my fifth season (and by that I mean October-May) of being cold deep down in my bones.

Not cool, Utah. Not cool.

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  1. Utah weather is just crazy with it's temperature swings. I am NOT pleased today. I'm having a really hard time not just crawling back in bed and vowing not to get out until Spring. Plus, what the heck happened to Autumn?!? I actually kind of like Autumn, but I guess we aren't getting it this year. Boo. I am so ready to up and move to Arizona!