Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sacrificial Camel

The Rock Star got a little toy camel out of the treasure box at Sunday school. He's been carrying it here and there ever since. Today he wandered into the kitchen and said, "Can I call Jesus 'Holy Camel'?

"That's disrespectful. So, no. You can't."

Looking dejected, Garrett replied, "Why not?"

"Well why would you call him 'Holy Camel'?"

"Well, we call Him the Lamb. Why can't we call Him the Camel?"

It was an opportunity for both a good laugh and a theology lesson. I think he has a slightly better grasp on what the term Sacrifical Lamb means.


  1. Ha! That's cute! Funny timing to read this...just this evening I had a car conversation with a missionary friend of mine and she said that where she goes they do not sacrifice lambs, they sacrificed goats so Jesus is called the goat of God. Hmm.

  2. hahahahaha! You must have one of the funniest children on the planet. :)