Thursday, April 21, 2011


Around here, April 21 may as well be someone's birthday. There aren't presents but there is some level of pomp and circumstance. We're going out to dinner.

Matthew was born on February 28. He entered our hearts a month before that, when we first learned of his existence. He entered our arms on his birthday. He legally entered our family last April 21. We promised to love him forever. We told the judge that we were certain we wanted to adopt him (and, oh, were we ever).

So today we're hugging and smooching on our son even more than normal. We're remembering the journey, the toll it took, the lessons learned. Garrett is parading around announcing, at different intervals, "Happy Adoption Day!"

Then he asked me, "When is my Happy Adoption Day?" I explained that he doesn't have one because he isn't adopted. He's alright with that, for the moment. I'm sure a day will come when he wants to have a day, other than his birthday, where we celebrate him.

With a smirk I suggested to Troy, "Well, we could have a Happy Conception Day for him. I'm sure that will go over real well when he's fourteen."

Me: Come on, Garrett, let's go celebrate your conception.
Him: No thanks, Mom, I'd really rather not.

But as for today, we celebrate the joy. We celebrate the weight lifted. We celebrate the day when we knew that Matthew would be ours forever. And, of course, we praise the Lord!

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  1. I think some time ago you posted about the day you found out you were expecting G and saw him that first time on ultrasound. After all you went through to get to that day, maybe you SHOULD celebrate that day with him. Not sure what you'd call it though... Anyway, congratulations again, one year later!