Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection Rolls

On Saturday, my mom sent me a link to Resurrection Rolls. I ran right out and bought the ingredients. Well, actually, I took my boys to the church Easter egg hunt, went to a worship team rehearsal, and then ran right out and bought the ingredients.

Basically you plop a marshmallow down on top of some biscuit dough, wrap the dough around the marshmallow, slap some butter on the dough, roll it in cinnamon and sugar and bake it. The marshmallow represents Jesus--in a sugary, camp fire food sort of way. It melts in the oven and an "empty tomb" is created. I thought it would be right up my four-year-old's alley.

I explained to him, as we placed the 'mallow on the roll, that it represented Jesus and we'd have to wait and see what happened to it.

"Well," he said, with a matter-of-fact tone, "the marshmallow will melt in the oven and the tomb will be empty." I blinked twice.

"Yes." I said deliberately, wondering how, a mere five years ago, he was a fetus and now he's explaining the effects of heat on a marshmallow.

"But Jesus didn't melt," he continued. "Because that would be creepy."


  1. I am so trying this now it spuds awesome and I think ryle would love this

  2. What is really creepy is that The Rock Star is smarter then all of us put together.

  3. LOL!!! That's awesome. I seriously love that kid.