Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bloom Conference

I was super dead dog tired last night. So tired, in fact, that I fell asleep on my bed just after 8:00, woke up with the four-year-old's arm in my face at 9:00 and went back to sleep, for good, at 9:30.

But it was a very good day.

I've never spoken on the same topic three times in four hours. The biggest challenge was quite unexpected.

I started thinking that I was repeating myself. Well, okay, so I was repeating myself but to different groups of women. But as I spoke I started thinking, "Wait, did I already say that this time?" It was strange.

And guess what? I didn't sweat profusely or feel like I was going to throw up. I was just very excited to get on with the sharing of my Savior.

I was, however, still obsessed with the fact that my zipper was probably down.

I'm sure there were people who didn't love my session. I'm sure there were people who thought I was only telling them things they already knew. But I got a lot of positive feedback. I was in one of the smallest rooms but each session was packed full with people on the floor!

Apparently women really struggle with worry, fear and anxiety. Who knew? ;-)

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  1. I attended your seminar, it was indeed packed, and I didn't know if your zipper was down, because I couldn't see above everyone's head anyway. ;) I absoultely loved hearing you speak and it was the semiar that did the most for me.. funny enough, I thought I didn't need to go to your confernece, but I was really convicted that I do worry and it is an outward sign that I do have problems with faith (which I like to think I do have much faith) but I see the contridiction there and it is something that I have been working on :) I hope you see speak again!