Sunday, April 17, 2011

China Bound

While watching Mulan...

Garrett: Mommy, are those people Chinese?
Me: Yes.
Garrett: How come people from China always eat rice?
Me: They like rice.
Garrett: Can I live there someday?
Me: If you want to. How come you want to live in China?
Garrett: So I can eat rice all the time.

Oh, I see. So, instead of just making a point of eating rice here in the United States, you are going to move across the world--probably taking my grandchildren with you--so that you can eat rice in China? That makes perfect sense.


  1. So, just because I am feeling ornery, and because my mother-in-law has 3 of 5 sons in the military who live far away and complains ALL the time that her grandkids are far away... what would you say if the boys ended up in China (or some other far off local) for a good reason, like mission work?

    Also, I wonder if this is how your own mother feels about Utah...


  2. Jen,
    My kids are the Lord's, wholly and entirely. If they move to China--or any other far off place--because they are following the Lord's will, I will deal with it and be incredibly proud of them. And, yes, it is exactly how my mom feels about Utah. ;-)

  3. I'm totally fine with my boys moving off to China, Vanuatu, Iceland, Tel Aviv, Saskatchewan,or South Carolina especially if it is to serve God. However, if it is for the sole reason to eat rice, or hummus or some other regional cuisine I might be a little irritated.