Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Didn't Start the...

...Fire. No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it.

Yesterday I tried to burn down my kitchen.

You think I'm being dramatic, don't you? Let me ask you something, when someone is being overdramatic, does her husband come to the rescue with the fire extinguisher?

It started innocently enough. I was throwing dinner together for my family. We had to hurry because we had to leave twenty minutes later to get to our small group Bible study. I heated up refried beans, flipped Garrett's quesadilla, and threw a couple of tostada shells into the toaster oven. As I multi tasked I suddenly realized that I smelled burning. Swiveling my head to the right I saw that my tostada shells were a yucky shade of brown. I yanked the door of the toaster oven open and that's when the smoke started billowing out.

Garrett is deathly afraid of the smoke detector so I started fanning the smoke. Apparently, the sudden abundance of oxygen made the heat very happy and, quickly, a flicker appeared in the center of one of the shells. I yelled to Troy, who was standing by the table, "It's on fire!" He darted over and, since the flicker was really little, we both blew on it. The flicker quickly became a flame which quickly became a decent sized fire pouring out of my toaster oven. Within about two seconds it was licking the underside of the cabinets.

Troy darted to the pantry, yanked out the fire extinguisher, pointed and shot. In one quick motion, the fire was out and my counters were covered with a fine film of powder that I am still trying to clean up. Garrett, who was watching the whole ordeal with wide eyes from his chair quietly asked, "You okay, Mommy?"

I'm okay. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the toaster oven.


  1. Oh my gosh! Ha! I'm glad it was just the toaster oven. Good thing you have an extinguisher there!

  2. My heart was racing just reading about it. J

  3. Oh man! Good thinking Troy! I love Garrett's reaction so sweet. I gave your blog an award :) stop by to collect it if you like. hehe

  4. Since I'm your brother, I can make unsupportive comments like this one: Don't you know that if something catches on fire in your toaster oven, you turn it off and close the door? DUH! I know, I know, who thinks that clearly when their "house" is on fire?

  5. Wow, exciting times over at the Schnozberries!
    I have a friend who had a grease fire break out, tried the lid trick, tried to get it to the sink, but it lit the curtains on fire and melted the window casing(vinyl melts you know). She then chose to get the 3 kids and family dog out of the house...nothing else burnt. She used the fire extinguisher and called 911. Funny thing is, at the time ...her husband was a fireman. Yeah, it took a long time to live that down. (Thankfully no one was hurt)

  6. Okay... so I can totally feel the pain of the extinguisher goop! A few years ago Kevin was out golfing and I had a drip in the oven that caught fire and spread to the pan of monkey bread... and I had to use the extinguisher... and call the fire department (who made me feel very lame). They came and blew all the smoke out of the house... and I was stuck with fire-burned, extinguisher-covered, sticky mess oven! Try a super heavy-duty degreaser... and multiple coatings!!!
    Good thing Troy was there to help out and keep calm!!!

  7. I can totally see the picture. You are hilarious! I am glad you didn't have to call the firemen, that would've been nothing shy of embarrising. Troy should apply for "volunteer firefighter" since he saved your home!

    Love it!

  8. Jer caught the stove on fire once and to this day Jess is deathly afraid of fire. Hope G. isn't scared for life.

  9. It's funny that you are worried we're going to think you're just being dramatic, since you know, you majored in drama and all....

  10. Jim wants to know if you were heating up the tortilla or making tortilla chips!! HAHAHAHA