Thursday, February 12, 2009

If You Think Adoptive Mothers Don't Nest, Well, You'd Be Wrong.

You're running out of time to predict Matthew's birthday. If you want a chance for free coffee, click here!
Last week, when I started trying to catch up on Garrett's scrapbook, I was way back in May of 2008. Although, after reading your comments, I felt less like I was unforgivably behind and more like I was ahead of most of the gang. In any case, I am proud to report that this afternoon I put the finishing touches on 2008. Since I'm not planning on dedicating an entire page to January, this means that I am all caught up. Although, I am planning on putting together some adoption information pages for the beginning of Matthew's book since Garrett has pages of pregnancy pictures in his. And I haven't even begun thinking about that endeavor.

I had a mini panic attack of sorts last night. I decided that if Jennifer called me right then and said I needed to get my butt to California it would probably take me at least an hour and a half to get out of the house. It freaked me out when I realized that she could very well have this baby two weeks early and I probably wouldn't get to the hospital until Matthew was several hours old and I'd never forgive myself. This morning, in order to ease the trauma that the administrator in me was causing, I got everything ready for the dog and cat. Now I won't have to worry about them if we have to jet out of town.

It's incredibly weird to have your baby being born 700 miles away from you.


  1. Your title gave me the giggles. Hey on Monday if you want to drop off as much of the dog stuff that you can and still keep a happy dog at home you are more than welcome to do so. We get home on Sunday probably around 5ish.

  2. I am neither there, nor I can not physically help you in any we will keep praying. And Aaron is ever payed for his music in amounts worthy of his talent we will indeed donate to your adoption fund, even if Matthew is 17 by then...

  3. In response to your comment on my blog... I don't know how you're handling it. The impending drive would make me crazy. Yesterday I had a tough time waiting until only an hour before to drive from Poway down to Balboa just for the ultrasound... and to say I had a tough time going the speed limit would be an understatement. In your situation I would need my husband to literally take my keys away from me so as to prevent me from just getting in the car and heading out ASAP.

    Anyway, keep us posted. I am praying for you and to be perfectly honest its nice to have your situation to think about rather than my own. Good Luck and everything... could be any day now!!! :)