Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Before Troy, it seemed like a chore to fall in love. After awhile I just had so many memories with a person that I probably loved him. I certainly cared about him. In any case, I didn't want him to meet an untimely or particularly hideous death. Obviously, if that happened, I'd miss the guy. This must be what love is, I thought. I waited for butterflies. I waited for fireworks. I waited for the moment when I would feel completely incomplete without him.

And I waited.

When Troy began showing an interest in me, and I in him, it was sudden, like thunder rumbling through the sky. I think that is often the way it is when friends fall in love. You go through life, completely platonic until, suddenly, you think you might actually die without the person. Instantly I could barely concentrate on my homework. I could barely see the stars through the firework haze. I probably couldn't even hold a conversation unless it was focused on my true love.

Now, while I think I can focus on a conversation, I feel the same way. I think Valentine's Day should be every day. I don't particularly think that we should celebrate our love once a year and, in fact, I can only vaguely remember Valentines past. What I remember is my husband's face sitting across from me on our first date. I remember his smile on our wedding day. I remember his voice in my ear when my son was born. These are my Valentine's days. These are the moments I won't forget, the moments I see our love staring back at me in his expression.

He is my rock. My everything. My husband. The father of my child(ren). My heart.

Happy 7th Valentine's Day, Troy. I love you.

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  1. I love that someone loves my brother that much! Makes me smile!