Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mouse

This afternoon I was looking for a book in the office. Garrett climbed up into the computer chair and was watching the pictures scrolling through on the screen saver. When I heard him begin to push the buttons on the keyboard I said, without looking up, "Do not push the buttons!" The clacking ceased but, a few moments later, I heard click click click clicking. Again I said, "Do not push the buttons!" After the words were out of my mouth I realized my mistake. He wasn't pushing the buttons on the keyboard anymore, he was clicking the mouse. I looked up and said, "Don't click the mouse either. Take your hands off the mouse." He looked down quickly and then shifted his gaze to my face. Wrinkling his nose he reprimanded me.

"It not a mouse, mommy."

Through my giggles I explained to him that that which he was clicking is referred to as a mouse even though it is not a fuzzy little rodent.

Being a mom is the best. I don't think a day goes by where I don't laugh.


  1. it is moments like that that make the "terrible twos" my favorite age.

  2. Well mommy, your mouse is totally different from my mouse. :D
    Don't you love it when kids retort hilarious stuff?
    Garrett should also know the difference between burning and burning the CD soon, or else there will be some fiery consequences. Haha!