Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Surf Camp Shots

Here's what we've been up to during the last two days.

First, we came all the way to San Diego to see the official Utah state bird. Who knew they were actually supposed to live on the coast?

Me. I knew. That's who. Stupid Utah seagulls. This one, at least, has some sense and lives at the Pacific.

Yesterday, Garrett caught some waves.

And today he caught some waves. 

I like how his hair isn't even wet because, well, he hadn't fallen in. He just rode the waves to the shore and then took his board back out. Today he rode a shorter board--five or six feet. Go Garrett!

Matthew had a blast playing on the sand and doing this with his daddy.

As for me...well...I've just been shooting the breeze with professional surfer, film producer, Walking on Water founder and fellow PLNU alum Bryan Jennings.

Okay so I wasn't actually shooting the breeze. I was just trying to get my kid's attention. Garrett started off yesterday by standing funny on his board and falling over on every single wave. I went down to give him a quick pointer. Then Bryan told me I was a great coach and knew exactly what I was talking about. I decided not to mention the fact that my surfing ability is limited to two minuscule waves in Hawaii last summer.

If my hoodie at the end of July doesn't give away the fact that I'm not actually a surfer, I'm pretty sure the pasty white legs do.

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