Thursday, July 4, 2013

Four on the Fourth

1. Happy Fourth of July! Have I mentioned that I hate hate hate living in a state where you can buy personal fireworks and set them off into all hours of the night? Oh sure, there are rules and regulations but heck if anyone is going to pay attention to them. This means that my babies toss and turn and wake up two million times. This means my dog--terrified since he was ten months old of anything that makes a loud noise--will pace and shake and hide in the bathroom and be generally completely insane for hours on end. But, since I believe independence to be a good thing, we'll head to our friends' house tonight and eat ourselves silly and, yes, my kids will watch as our friend sets off all kinds of sparklers and such. We will have to leave before he does the really big stuff because that will occur at about the same time that our dog will leap straight through a window if we're not here to comfort him.

2. We're leaving for my happy place on Saturday morning. We kind of can't wait. The boys and I are almost to the point where we'll count down hours. I can't wait to swim in the freezing lake, raft the Truckee, roast hot dogs over a fire, and watch my kids being happy for a week with sticks and rocks as toys.

3. We just got back from a family trip to Cold Stone. We had gift cards so we splurged and let the boys add a cone to their cotton candy ice cream. Matthew added Twix and Garrett added Nerds and, for the record, it was the sugariest, sweetest, grossest ice cream of ever. Wait. Not of ever. Troy brought home Whoppers ice cream a few months ago and it was disgusting.

4. I can't really think of a fourth. But three on the fourth sounds confusing. Am I right?

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