Friday, July 19, 2013

Party Animal

So he'll be seven tomorrow.

I know, I can't explain how it happened either.

One day his six pound, ten ounce body was snuggled into my arm and the next day he's turning seven. It boggles the mind.

He's having two separate birthday bashes. We leave on Sunday for two days of camping up at Bear Lake with his best buddy. And for that he picked out a chocolate Costco cake with a caterpillar on it. If you know me at all you know that I'm a white frosting on white cake kind of girl. But our boy wanted chocolate for his birthday so chocolate he shall have.

Since his best buddy is already up at the lake camping, he couldn't come to Garrett's official party. This year, the boy chose to take two super good pals to the movies and then out for ice cream.

First, the boys came over to play for about a half hour. Then Garrett opened his presents--a Lego set and a build-your-own rubber band gun. The kid loves himself some Legos so he was thrilled with that gift. He also fell in love with a rubber band gun at a craft fair at Lake Tahoe and was pretty near devastated when we wouldn't buy it for him, so the shooter went over very well. We built it as soon as we got home and he is now going crazy waiting for it to dry.

At 10:30, we went to see Despicable Me 2. The boys all thought it was hilarious. We bought a large popcorn (which is very large) that comes with a refill. The six of us had no problem consuming not one but two huge buckets of the buttery stuff.

Which is really not good because when the movie was over we went to Leatherby's. We bought a dish of Play Dough ice cream because Troy and I think it is nasty and didn't want it anywhere near the good stuff but, for some odd reason, our child loves it. So we split this ice cream up and each boy got a small dish of it.

And then we left.

Except we didn't. 

Because right after the dish of Play Dough ice cream--which I think is every flavor known to man all mixed together as a sort of "suicide" ice cream--arrived, this came.

Oh yes. It did. Mint chocolate, cookies and cream, and fudge brownie ice cream covered in dripping hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries. And those four boys, my husband and I finished every last bite of it.

Because every now and then, a kid's gotta have popcorn and ice cream for lunch. (Cost to feed all six of us large quantities of ice cream=13 dollars. You can't beat that.)

After all, you only turn seven once.

Total cost of the party including favors for the guests= $60
Not having to clean anything up when it's all over= priceless

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