Friday, July 12, 2013

Cool and Breezy Sundress

Several weeks ago, in the newspaper, I saw an ad that caught my eye. Somehow, I still don't know exactly how it happened, the wording, "Cool and Breezy Sundress! Buy 2 for Only $22 3 for $32," stood out to me long before I actually looked at the picture. For approximately one second, my brain pondered the incredible deal that three sundresses for $32 would be. Then my eyes moved just a bit and I saw the model, in the dress.

How is this even remotely a part of the "sundress" family? No. This can be categorized in one of three ways. 

1. Nightgown-a loose gown, worn in bed by women or children.

2. Housecoat-a woman's dresslike garment, in various lengths, for casual wear about the house.

3. Muumuu-a long, loose-hanging dress, usually brightly colored or patterned, worn especially by Hawaiian women.

This is not a sundress.

"Slip on this cool and breezy short-sleeved sundress and go! Roomy style with V-neckline, patch pockets and flirty flounced hem. Woven cotton/polyester. Machine wash & dry."

SLIP IT ON AND GO WHERE? Bed? The kitchen? Because those are about the only places I'm going in this dress.

This is a sundress.

This is a sundress.

This is jammies. Or a muumuu. I still can't decide.


I kept a totally straight face as I said to my husband, "Look at these dresses. They're such a good price. I think I'll go ahead and order them for our moms, and your sisters, and Heather (my brother's wife) for Christmas. I can get them each a different print." I KEPT A STRAIGHT FACE, Y'ALL. I did a good job sounding like I was completely dead serious.

And that man I married looked right at me, paused for the briefest of seconds, and said, "You can start with your mom and see how it goes over."

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