Saturday, August 4, 2012


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We've really been enjoying these last few weeks of summer around here. I told Garrett that every day we were going to do something special together since he'll be off to kindergarten soon. So far we've done some really fun things. We've been to the zoo (free because we went with a friend who has a pass--Thanks Ashley!), Jungle Jim's (cheap because I bought an online deal), Cold Stone (free with gift cards), the pool a few times, etc. We've also done other things like bake zucchini bread together and ride bikes.

Last night, on the way home from Troy's final softball game of the season, Garrett asked if we could get frozen yogurt.

"Not tonight," I said.

"How come?"

"Because, we don't need to get frozen yogurt tonight."

"But remember I'm going to kindergarten soon?" he questioned.

"Yes. What does that have to do with frozen yogurt?" I asked him.

"Well, remember that you're going to miss me a lot while I'm gone?"

Apparently, my precious (albeit manipulative) child thinks we're shipping him off to boarding school. I kindly reminded him that we'd spent hours at the zoo that day already for our special time together and frozen yogurt wasn't happening.

"Can we get some before school starts?" he implored.


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