Monday, August 27, 2012

One More Day

This is it.

The last day of summer before my baby heads off to kindergarten. The last day before we begin a track schedule that is so foreign to me I might as well as moved to another country. The last day before we're juggling school every day.

It would be very uncharacteristic of me to burst into tears tomorrow. So let's not plan on doing that. But, I tell you what, if I had ever been capable of controlling my own fertility, I'd be having another one RIGHT now just so that I could have something new and small to cuddle with. For once, I'm kind of thankful for the infertility--and other steps--that do not allow me to rush out and deliver babies whenever I feel like it.

Because sending my oldest son off to kindergarten tomorrow and my baby boy off to preschool in a week would probably have done me in.

But let's get real. Does this look like a kindergartner to you?

Because that's still how he looks to me most of the time.

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