Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Men's Breakfast

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Very regularly, some of the men at our church meet at a restaurant for breakfast. Whenever it is announced on Sunday morning, my six-year-old's ears perk up. "Men's Breakfast. Yes!" Obviously, he wants to go every, single time. It's almost always very close to our church, which is about fifteen minutes from our house. Of course Garrett can't stay at work the entire day with Troy so, when he does go with his daddy, Troy has to drive up to the breakfast, bring Garrett back, and then turn around and go back to the church.

I'm kind of a practical stick in the mud and I am constantly thinking of ways we can try to save on gas.

Last night as we climbed into bed, Troy told me that he would take Garrett with him this morning. "But, you'll have to turn around and come back. That'll use more gas." (Because I'm observant like that.)

He looked at me and, without condemnation, asked, "What's more important, gas money or me spending quality time with my son?"

Point taken.

I love that my husband introduces my children to all kinds of ministry and fellowship opportunities. And I need to remind myself that there are many more important things than the price of gas.

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