Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grandma's Visit

Troy's mom was here for just shy of a week and our boys had a blast with her.

So did I. She took my shopping for my birthday and bought me new clothes. Not that I wouldn't have had fun if she hadn't bought me clothes but, well, I think maybe the way to a daughter-in-law's heart is always through Kohl's. Am I wrong?

While she was here we did lots of fun stuff together.

We went to the pool and the boys showed off their swimming skills.
We hiked around in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Matthew fell down on our hike and busted his lip and his nose. He was not very happy and Troy had to carry him for a portion of the hike while he sobbed and yelled at the rocks for hurting him.

We also walked around a day campground and explored this cave. Once you crawl inside, the cave is tall and goes back quite a long way.

 My mother-in-law treated us to a few meals, took us shopping, joined us for our church picnic, and, to the delight of my boys, taught them (mostly Garrett) how to play Angry Birds on her Kindle.

They miss Grandma. And the Kindle.

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