Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Heart Antibiotics

Few things are more pitiful than a three-year-old with strep throat.

We started to wonder if something was wrong with him after he slept on our friend in the nursery for the duration of the church service on Sunday. When we got him home he had a low grade fever so I decided not to attend a graduation party that night. Troy took Garrett and they were gone for most of the afternoon and evening at the party and then at our Community Life Group. Good thing I didn't take Matthew because he's fever was 102.8 that night.

On Monday I nearly took him to urgent care because, aside from running a pretty high fever, he was covered in hives. I jumped in the shower and, a few minutes later, he appeared. "Can I come in?" I pulled him into the shower with me and noticed that the hives were substantially better. We decided to hold off on urgent care.

Yesterday he was still running a fever and so I took him in.

He did not want me to put him down and getting him to stand on the scale was darn near impossible. And then there was the throat culture.

Suffice it to say, Matthew is not a fan.

The doctor came in and examined him and, apparently, his throat was, like, swimming with strep. All the doctor did was push his tongue down for a second. Then she pushed back the chair and said, "Oh yeah. It's strep."

By last night, even though he'd had a dose of the antibiotic, he was a mess. All he wanted to do was lay his hot, fever infested body on mine. If I wasn't holding him, he was crying. On the one hand, be still my heart. There are few things more endearing than the fact that my children think they are going to die without me when they don't feel well. I'm not good at much but holding a sick kid is one of my few talents. On the other hand, I was trying to breathe in any direction that his germs weren't. As he draped himself over my body, his tears, saliva, and general exhaling covered me.

What a difference a day makes. Tonight, Matthew is back to normal self. Praise God for sleep and antibiotics.

Tomorrow is the last day we're covered under the old insurance. I really don't want to use the new insurance on the very first day. Something in me says that this is bad form. Although I did think that since they are charging me an extra 25% because of silly reasons that I should tell them I plan to increase my insurance use by 25%. Anyway, if this raging headache and moderately sore throat are an indication of things to come, I may be paying my doctor a visit tomorrow. Might as well get one more day out of the old insurance.

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