Thursday, May 17, 2012

Funny Boys

Yesterday The Rock Star was talking about his cousins. Then he asked Troy if he is an uncle. Then he asked me if I'm an aunt. "Yes, I'm an aunt."

From the table Matthew loudly declared, "And I'm a spider!"

Funny stuff.

Garrett just asked, "You know the queen who lives in the country where all the white people come from? How old is she?" I only have Pocahontas to thank for this perception. We don't use the terms "white" and "black" around our children because we want them to learn and comprehend ethnicity at age appropriate intervals. When we're referring to skin color, we usually call Matthew "brown" and Garrett "peach" because these are the words he began using to differentiate between himself and his brother when he was three or four years old.

But, of course, he got a heaping helping of racial education from Pocahontas where the light skinned people are frequently referred to as "the white man."

It was still pretty funny to hear him say, "the country where all the white people come from." Since he is as white as they come and he's about one tenth English.

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