Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bald Boy

There's a kid at playgroup who has a mohawk. His dad Bics the part that isn't the mohawk. He's three. Can you really get a kid who's three to sit still while you Bic their head? Why, yes. Yes you can.

Matthew always stares at the other kid's head so I thought maybe we could try it and just see what we thought. We're going on vacation in three weeks and I figured if it was terrible, he'd have at least a tiny layer of hair by the time we leave.

Matthew loves it. When we were done he wanted to call his Grandma on the phone he was so excited. And this morning he came into my room and declared, "Remember I'm bald?" I've caught him staring at himself in the mirror at least a dozen times.

But it sure was a process. First we shaved it close with regular clippers. Then we used Troy's neck-hair-trimmer-thingy (that's it's official name) to go even shorter. Then we used a razor to do the rest. He sat so still and loved every second of the excruciating half hour.

And then we discovered that our kid has a dent in his head. It's about three inches long, maybe. I've never seen Matthew bald because, unlike his brother, he was born with a great head of hair. It started at his eyebrows, covered his entire head, and descended down his neck. It was quite a sight to behold.

Apparently, under all that hair, was a dent. Who knew?

He really loves his head all bald and exposed and there is so much heat that radiates off the top of his cranium that I could warm the house in winter. Unfortunately, we are not going to want to maintain it. A half hour on a weekly basis? I think even Matthew would tire of that.

What he doesn't tire of is learning his letters.

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  1. I came upon this by accident. I'm a mommy of 3 kids :) I was actually googling "dent in head" My 2 year olds head is the EXACT same as this. And I got ALL worried something is wrong. I never knew people could have dents in their heads...

    So is this just a normal thing then? Did his doctor check it out. Or am I just being totally over anxious about this?

    <3 Sorry for the random comment on your 2012 year blog! lol