Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Shoot

When The Rock Star was born, we started taking annual pictures of him in his daddy's Seahawks jersey. When The Little Buddy was born, I selected one of his daddy's business casual shirts. Oh how that child used to swim around in that shirt. He still does, really, but this year we got a few super cute shots.

He smiled. He giggled. He pouted. He danced.

I grabbed a tie out of the closet just to see if it added anything to the pictures. It certainly added entertainment for his still chubby hands.

He lounged around. He ran away. He came back.
He gave me sweet smiles and puzzled faces.
He seemed to enjoy playing dress up in daddy's clothes.
I'd say that I think blue is his color but this kid looks good in just about any color.

I have a hard time remembering that he's three and nearly all grown up.

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