Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lion King

Last night the boys were watching The Lion King. It was pretty funny listening to the things they were saying.

Matthew: Yook, that yion is yicking a bear!

And, you know, come to think of it, little Simba does kind of look like a bear at first.

Garrett: Hey mom, Hakuna Manana!
Me: Matata.
Garrett: Hakuta Matata.
Me: Hakuna.
Garrett: Hakuna Mantana.
Me: Hakuna Matata.
Garrett: Whatever. It means no worries.

So we probably don't really need to worry about how to say it.

Garrett: I don't like that evil grandpa.
Troy: It's his uncle.
Matthew: He scary uncle.

Yes, Matthew, Scar is a scary uncle.

We fast forwarded through the part where Mufasa dies. But I was still reminded that I hate the way Disney kills him off. It's one thing when Nemo's mom dies in the first two minutes of the movie. I haven't formed a real opinion of her either way. It's quite another when Mufasa is all wise and kind and James Earl Jones and then he gets brutally murdered by his brother.

Poor form, Disney. Poor form.

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