Saturday, March 24, 2012


Matthew was being incredibly whiny and crabby this morning. We had a birthday party to go to and he felt warm. Truth be told, The Little Buddy is always warmer than the rest of our family. It had me so freaked out when he was an infant that I took his temperature incessantly, always thinking he was burning with fever. He rarely was. His skin is just toasty to the touch. Today, however, I figured I should make sure he wasn't running a fever before exposing a bunch of kids to whatever he might have had. He doesn't really like having his temperature taken--probably a side effect of my having shoved that thermometer into his ear on so many occasions. When I took it out of the cabinet he covered both ears and shouted, "No! I don't want it in my ear. I can't want it go beep beep."

He felt really warm so I said, "If you let me put it in your ear, I'll give you a chocolate chip." Because, well, I am absolutely not above bribery and if I can keep the peace for one chocolate chip I'll definitely do it. I took his temperature, he did not have one, and we set off for the kitchen in search of the chocolate morsel.

It should be stated that Matthew will not learn his colors. Flat out refuses. Or he's hopelessly colorblind. I'm going to go with the former for the next few months. I may explore the latter after that. It doesn't matter how many times I tell him something is blue or red or yellow, he simply will not learn his colors. It's getting ridiculous.

So I pulled down the tub containing the chocolate chips. It's a little Tupperware tub, not, like, a 40 gallon storage tub--although I like chocolate enough that a storage tub isn't beyond the realm of possibility. I selected one chip and handed it to my son.

He held it in his hand. His eyes got wide. He picked it up with the other hand and held it against his arm.

"Yook! This chocat chip is bwoo (blue)! Yike me!"

"Brown, like you," I smiled.

"Bwown. yike me," he grinned. "I yike it."

"I like it too, Buddy."

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