Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

Happy Fourth of July!

If all has gone according to plan, we're hanging out at the lake today. We won't attempt to drive anywhere. I've never actually been at the lake on the fourth but I've heard crazy things about how insane crowded it is. We'll play hard. We'll roast hot dogs. We'll roast marshmallows. We'll hope we can secure a spot on the beach that allows us to see at least one of the fireworks shows, maybe more.

What will you to celebrate our independence?


  1. I sure hope you are doing all those fun things in Tahoe today! We are bbqing with friends, then heading to Murray Park for some fireworks. Fingers crossed the weather clears up for us though. It's stormy at the moment. Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Popping popcorn and sitting on the back steps to watch our neighbor's fireworks. First time doing this. We will see how it goes.
    Have fun!