Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Rock Star's Birthday

The Rock Star is five. There's no denying it. He doesn't look like this anymore.

His limbs aren't as spindly. His head, not so bald. He weighs a good 33 pounds more than he did in that picture.

He's, you know, big.

On his birthday we celebrated with our little family. We Skyped with my mom while he opened his presents.

He requested a knight cake. His father, who is much more creative than I am, did his best. (I baked the cake. Troy decorated.)

We took a picture at the time of night that he was born. Thankfully he wasn't born at 2:00 am. That would complicate things.

Then we took a picture of the boy with his daddy.

Yesterday we had his party. He insisted that he wanted to go to the pool. I told him that he would really have to limit the number of friends he invited if he wanted to go there because we pay for each kid and their family members to get in.

He finally decided on a bunch of friends from preschool, a friend from soccer and a friend from the pool (thankfully his family has passes).

From the left: Max, Webster, Beck, Garrett, Madison's face, Daxton and Weston.

Garrett is obsessed with Hawaii. He's obsessed with luaus (which he calls "luouts" but whatever). He decided he wanted to have a luau pool party. "Mom," he said, "Can we roast a pig?" I explained that I thought the facility would frown on that. We had leis. We had a "Surf's Up" sign. We had little blow up rafts for everyone (all of this compliments of Dollar Tree). I then racked my brain on how to make a cupcake with a luau theme. I came up with this...

Do they look like towels under umbrellas...on sand? Say yes. Say yes and we're still friends.

The Little Buddy didn't care what they looked like. He just wanted to eat one. Then he sported that white mustache for a good half hour.

The kids played and swam and played and swam. Some stayed for two and a half hours, others for three and a half. When they were all still there, we tried to take a picture of all seven coming down the slide in a train. It didn't really work.

But we got the aftermath.

My baby is five. But he's had a good time getting there.


  1. How is he five? How can he actually wear that jersey? Sure, it looks like a long-sleeved dress, but he wears it nonetheless. How?

  2. He only weighs 33 lbs? Peter is 30... Weird. Anyway, Happy Birthday Garrett!

  3. Jen,
    No, no. He weighs between 39-40 lbs. He was born weighing just over 6 and a half pounds. So the first pic was taken roughly 33 lbs ago. He would be a tiny one if he just 33 now. Although--he did weigh 30 when he was three. :-)

  4. Glad he had fun getting to 5. It's a pretty fun age. The party was great. Weston requested a swimming party on our way out, but then I reminded him that his birthday is in January and we don't live in Arizona. :) Oh, and I thought your cupcakes were awesome. Very cute idea. My boys are still playing with their umbrellas today.