Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Boy Can Pray

The Little Buddy just doesn't say much on his own. Oh, he has a plethora of vocabulary words. He'll babble the day away. He repeats almost anything we ask him to. He just doesn't really formulate sentences on his own.

Or so we thought.

Last night I was in my bed. There was a boy on either side of me and I was reading them stories. When we finished, I said, "Who wants to pray?"

The Rock Star quickly exclaimed, "Matthew!" (I think he gets this from his father who volunteers me to pray any time someone else doesn't speak up at our life group.)

Since I've been trying to get Matthew more actively involved in our prayer life anyway, and since The Rock Star prays all the time, I allowed Garrett's request.

"Okay, Matthew. Let's pray. Dear Jesus," I said.

"Deh Jesus," he repeated.

"Thank you..." I supplied.

"Tank ew foh daddy an foh butters an *insert several unintelligible words here none of which were mommy* an AMEN!" (Translation: Thank you for daddy and for brother and *who knows what else* and AMEN!)

So he can form his own sentences. And he can pray.

Now, if only he was thankful for me.


  1. That is so cute! Hearing my kids pray just melts my heart. Hopefully he'll throw a "tankful for Mommy" in there soon! :)

  2. Haven't you learned by now that being a mother is a thankless job? :)