Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mama Overlooks

Mama didn't look when the toddler followed his brother outside and came back in eating a handful of week old snow.

Mama turned a blind eye when the toddler let the dog get three good licks in before he resumed his own consumption of the icy blob.

Mama didn't say anything when the oldest ate an entire caramel apple, core and all.

She didn't complain when he sneezed into the sauce as he helped her cook.

Mama smiled when the toddler held two dinosaur toys, growled, and then made the tyrannosaurus lunge at the triceratops' neck. Even though she definitely didn't teach him about survival of the fittest.

She only momentarily closed her eyes when the noise reached an inhuman decibel level.

Mama doesn't mind the dirt, the bugs, the rough or the tumble.

God gave Mama boys.

And Mama is thankful for them.

Last night, Mama held the toddler and together they practiced words. He looked confused when she started to cry. She was simply overjoyed that she has him this Christmas. She was praising Jesus that she gets the opportunity to teach him words.

Last night, Mama laid with the oldest as he drifted off to sleep. "Mommy," he said, "Can I see Miss H soon?"


"Will she make me cookies?" He asked.

"I don't think so, honey." Mama replied. "She's still so sad about her daughter. I don't think she'll feel much like making cookies."

"Well," he paused. "Then I think we should make her cookies."

Mama smiled. Mama will put up with ear shattering noise. She will deal with muddy footprints across her carpet. She will eat sneeze sauce. Mama will endeavor to forget about the really small stuff--especially if tenderhearted, godly, men emerge from this household.

What are you exponentially thankful for this Christmas season?


  1. Hi I am new to your blog and love it a lot! This is a totally wonderful and thoughtful post! I have sons also and have been a ministry wife for many years so I am looking forward to reading you again!