Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Glimpse Into Our Home

1. The Rock Star's vomit=Bleck!

2. The Rock Star's vomit all over the place=Double bleck!

3. The Rock Star shaking as his daddy cleans him up in the middle of the night and then whispering in a pathetic voice, "Daddy, I love you."=Priceless

4. The Little Buddy sticking a small chunk rawhide in the VCR so that it starts to eat two tapes before I realize the problem=Grrr!

5. The Little Buddy holding the phone up to his ear and saying, "Heh-woah?"=Cute. Me: Who is it? Him: Dedus (Jesus)=Double cute! Me: Really?! What does He have to say? Him: Tank ew!=Adorable. Why Jesus is thanking us I have no idea.

6. Finding The Little Buddy on my bed, with his back turned, scarfing a piece of candy I didn't know he had=Priceless.


  1. Maybe He's thanking you for being a kind, patient, sweet mama with a sense of humor? Lily busted into the Christmas advent and ran around with contraband chocolate the other day, too. :)

  2. sorry to hear about the barf..
    but, oh matthew is sooo sweet!