Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adoption Costs

You may have noticed that I changed the wording above the donation button. I debated whether to put exactly what we spent and exactly what we owe. In the end, I decided on full disclosure. It's been 8 months since our legal battle ended (EIGHT! Can you believe it?) and I didn't want people to think that perhaps our debt was paid off and we were pocketing any donated cash. That is most certainly not the case. Just ask my grandparents. They were gracious enough to pay off the lawyers and allow us to make payments to them--free of interest. We pay them a sum of money each month out of our budget and, if any donations are received, we send that directly to them as well.

Several months ago I debated whether to take the donation button down since we were no longer incurring any legal fees. I decided to leave it up because so many of you have joyfully joined in our efforts to bring Matthew permanently into this family. While that portion of our journey is finished, the financial repercussions of all that we went through remain. I certainly do not expect, nor would I ask, for you to contribute. However, I want to leave the option available as well as to show you just how faithful the Lord has been to us--in many cases using your personal donations.

Just this morning I received a donation for 150 dollars. Thank you! Someone at our church routinely sends us an anonymous 20 dollars. Two weeks ago 500 dollars was slipped under Troy's office door with a handwritten note. "To help with adoption costs."

We thank you if you have donated time, prayers, and/or money to our family. And I want you to be able to see just what a dent those donations have made.

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