Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week

I apologize but I haven't had time to blog. I don't have time now either because there is a very tired little squirt who needs to go to sleep in this room. I promise to catch you all up on the happenings of my life when I get back to Salt Lake. Where, apparently, it snowed today. So I may or may not actually board the plane on Wednesday. Why leave the sunny beautiful landscape of America's Finest City for the snowy chill of Utah? Except that Troy is already back there and I kind of like him. And I kinda like our church, too.

Let me just mention a couple of things:

When the adoption organization discovered that Troy is a pastor, they pretty much accepted us on the spot. I think we bypassed some of the questions such as, "Are there dead bodies buried in your yard?" Simply based on the fact that Troy probably wouldn't have been hired by a legitimate church if there were.

My brother got engaged. This is good because Heather and Jon had already been dating for several months when I announced that I was pregnant with Garrett and we've been referring to her as Aunt Heather ever since. This is also good because if they had ever broken up instead of getting engaged, I would have strongly considered keeping Heather and giving my brother a scrapbook to remember me by.


  1. Gee, thanks. Everyone seems to want to trade me for her. SeaWorld managers have had that idea since summer. I'm so unloved.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, JON! Yeah! I've never met Heather, but I just know she's wonderful. So happy for you two. and Lori, go home! :o) I wish we had more snow here.

  3. Congratulations to Jon and Heather. I only know of them, but it seems they should have been married for years by now.

    Lori, you like us. You really like us. It gives me warm fuzzies.

    What is the new stuff on the right side of the screen? J

  4. Well, I suppose a scrapbook would have sufficed. So good on ya for being willing to take the time to make one. It's more than I would have done. ;)

  5. Hey there girliee. I missed seeing you but I have been so busy. I will send you an email to catch you up on things later. Sounds like the adoption thing is moving great for you. Different story here :(
    Love & Hugs,