Friday, October 24, 2008

Drum Set

I think the drum set may be smaller than I anticipated. It just arrived in a not so big box weighing nine pounds. I kind of want to open it just to make sure there are actually drums and a guitar in there and that it's not just a box of oxygen. But it's all sealed nicely and ready made for ease of moving in three weeks. I'd have to reseal it and I kind of don't want to but--oh alright, I just have to. I have to open it just to make sure.

I'll be back.

Okay so it's ridiculously tiny but you know what, so is my kid. He's two. He'll be in love with his Tom Thumb sized drum set. And I won't have to designate one of the rooms as the music studio. I think it will fit in a corner somewhere just fine. I resisted the urge to build it and let him have it after his nap.

But I'm going to have a problem making it until Christmas, I just know it. So what do you think...Thanksgiving present? Veteran's Day? Election Day?

Oh alright, I'll wait until Christmas.


  1. A Garrett sized drum set. How cute :) Wait until Christmas, it'll be good for you. J

  2. Halloween Present!!!! :) Aw a mini drum set, I can't wait to see pictures! Question, what am I supposed to get for my 4 month old? :) one of everything?! :)