Monday, October 20, 2008

Dream Lori Is On Crack

I have extremely strange dreams. If you want the truth of the matter, I think everyone has strange dreams but I remember mine.

Last night I had a dream that I was turning in all of my adoption paperwork. Instead of mailing it, I actually flew out to California to hand deliver it. For some reason Garrett, my mom and my brother's fiancee went with me. I was supposed to give them all of our paperwork as well as a giant baggie of Kix cereal. I gave them everything and one of the women looked at me as though I was a complete idiot. She then explained to me, with a sharp tone, that I was supposed to bring WHITE corn Kix. I'd never heard of WHITE corn Kix (is there such thing?) but I was super apologetic and all, "Please don't let this keep us from us being accepted into your program!" And the woman was like, "Go get the right kind and I might be able to overlook it." So on the way to the store we all decided we were starving. We went to a food court and I ordered a milkshake and a burger from and In & Out (which happens to be what I ate during the lunch break at our meeting). Heather and my mom ordered and then, suddenly, people from the other eating establishments in the food court started bringing us tons and tons of food and saying we couldn't leave until we ate it all. So then I freaked out because I had to get back to the organization with my box of appropriately colored Kix.

So I ask, am I going to be having bizarre dreams where I am somehow inadequate for the next however long it takes to get a baby?

And then, if you haven't seen this or this, you have to watch them. I don't care if you love or hate Palin. This is just f-u-n-n-y stuff.

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  1. That is a strange dream. Our dreams would get along great, because mine are often cracked out... should dreams ever need to "get along" lol. I dream about animals all the time, particularly ones that are going to eat me, particularly alligators/crocodiles - dream Heather does not specify apparently. Last week in a dream Jon, my dad and I owned an alligator farm and they went out of control and were eating people. I even had scripted random people in my dream as "the one to go first" like in bad horror movies. I have dreams like that a lot. Talk about weird. If only my alligators were eating white corn Kix.