Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Humble Is My New Middle Name

Last night we went out with a couple for the first time. It was their first time meeting Garrett and, wouldn't you know, he had refused to take a nap. He was in pretty good spirits but he got bored quickly. After we'd finished eating, I let him sit on my lap. He wanted ice out of my water cup and sticking his hands in my cup to fish out cubes was keeping him entertained. I was a little horrified at what these people might be thinking about my parenting skills but I figured that was better than having to leave because our two-year-old had had enough of Chili's.

Then he spilled the water in my lap. Let me tell you that the glass was more than half full--and that's not just an optimistic view of the situation. There also happened to be a whole lot of ice and it just so happened to pool in a not so ice friendly area. I felt like I was slowly dying, from the lowest point of my torso up. When we were finally able to shift Garrett from my lap to Troy's I stood up. The woman we were with commented, "Now see, the cool part about that is it really does look like you wet your pants."

It was freezing. And cold. And wet. And to top it all off I looked like I'd wet my pants. It was super special. The best part was when I got to walk out of the restaurant several minutes later. If only I'd been wearing the Special Sunglasses. Then, truly, the ensemble would have been complete.

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  1. I can just hear it. The next time God gives you a huge gift, you'll tell Him He can just keep it, thanks anyway. You're done with the humility lessons. J