Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom of the Year or Headache of the Year

So I'm pretty much asking to be deemed completely and totally insane. This little drum set and electronic guitar have just been purchased from Ebay and will be arriving at my house sometime in the not so distant future. On Christmas morning my two-year-old music lover will find them waiting for him. Because I am crazy. Because I want to encourage his love for music. Because, apparently, the idea of a toddler banging incessantly on a set of drums sounds like fun to me. Given the fact that he would probably destroy the guitar, we may wait to give him that particular portion of the "Am I an awesome mom or what" gift.

Here are the particulars of the guitar. We'd much prefer for him to learn to play the acoustic guitar but it came with the drums. What are you gonna do?

22" Length, 7 1/2" Width
Four electronic guitar rhythms
Realistic electronic guitar sounds
Different rhythm transition
Real steel strings
Dynamic built-in amplifier
Tremolo Bar
V-shaped neck
Shoulder Strap
Auto power off

Here are the Drum Set Features:
Age: 3+ (Gasp! He'll be seven months shy of 3. I hope he doesn't swallow one of the tom toms!)
1 Brass drum
1 Small tom tom
1 Large tom tom
3 Mini tom tom
1 Cymbal
1 Pedal Drum
2 Drum sticks.
1 Chair

I got all of this, including shipping and handling for $39.99 and all I have to do is find space for it and, well, buy stock in Excedrin for what is sure to become a nonstop, pounding headache. But I cannot tell you how excited this is going to make that child.


  1. Think of the teaching moments. No drumming if you: whine, spit out your food, have temper tantrums, etc. J

  2. I agree with J....great bargaining power. Remind me to bring ear plugs when I come in Dec.

  3. That settles it, I'm not coming over for Christmas/New Years anymore.

  4. I can't wait to see him up on stage as a teen doing youth sunday worship. And what a great deal you got on those.

  5. We got Nathan his first drum set at 3. It was one of the most fun things because my kid actually does okay on the set. We play U2 and some of his favorite worship songs and he plays along. It is PERFECT for getting energy out too. It won't be that bad, I am sure of it.

    Just be glad you are not our neighbors who share a wall with us!! :)

  6. On behalf of music teachers everywhere, THAT is so awesome.

    Sure, there may be headaches, but darn if it won't be soooo fun for him. :)