Monday, May 5, 2008

Magnolia Bakery

I went to New York two and a half years ago and one of my friends introduced me to Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. Of course I had heard of Magnolia Bakery but, not ever having been to NYC, I'd never had the priviledge of consuming one. I've been raving about them to Troy since the day I got home, back in November of 2005. So I told him that this time I would take tupperware and maybe stop by on my way to the airport on Saturday afternoon and bring some home. Never having tasted one of these little gems, he doesn't know what he's missing. He looked at me like I am more than just a little odd and said, "oookay."

But then I got to thinking that maybe they wouldn't let me bring them on the plane. I mean, maybe they would think I was planning to drug people with them or something. (I would never, ever use a Magnolia cupcake for evil. They are only intended for good.) So I thought that I should call the airline because I'd be really angry if they make me throw away tiny little bites of heaven.

This is the conversation:

Me: Hi, do you have any regulations on what food can be carried on?

Her: (pause) Let me look that up for you.

Me: Thanks.

Her: (After forever) Is there something specific you are inquiring about?

Me: Actually yes. This is very random but I would like to bring cupcakes in my carry on. Is that allowed?

Her: Oh my gosh. We actually have a baked goods clause.

Me: Um. That's VERY random.
Her: I know. It says here, "Pies, cakes, cookies and other baked goods are permitted on the flights but the bearer of such items may be subject to further security inspection.

Me: So, it's ok but I might get pulled into some room to explain why I have cupcakes?

Her: Yes. You might get wanded or something. Me: Okay thanks. (I hang up the phone and mutter) As long as I don't get cavity searched. No cupcake is worth that.


  1. Your Caf Friend!May 5, 2008 at 2:09 PM

    Delicious! They make specific cupcake tupperware! You should get that. Also it has been my experience that if you just have it in your bag and don't draw attention to yourself besides the standard security compliances, then no one cares what you have in your bag. To be honest... I sometimes don't even take out my 3oz liquids and they don't even notice. (identity masked for protection of my flight-security secrets)

  2. I wonder, do they ship them? Or , if asked super nicely, would you bring one home and then ship it to ME?! yummy.
    How close is your trip to NY with your trip to Tahoe?

    Man, now I have to go make cupcakes....

  3. A clause for baked goods....hahahaha.

  4. Dontcha think they put that clause in so they don't miss out on any deliciously yummy baked goods that might go through. I know if I was running an airport and someone wanted to bring cupcakes on, I'd definitely put a clause in and make it sound all official and stuff...just so I could eat some. Baked goods are my weakness.

  5. I'm totally with Z-Mama on this one. And did I miss something, you're going to NY? What? When? Why? I'll go back, maybe I missed a post. I'm also with crayl or crayola or whatever she's callin' herself. I want one. Please, I think it's a cupcake makin' kind of day.