Friday, May 30, 2008

America's Finest City

We're back in Utah now. After we froze our limbs off camping, we enjoyed wonderful weather in San Diego and, if we weren't both missing Troy, I would have stayed for awhile. Garrett is horrendously sick with a nasty snotcoughheadcoldthingy and I was dreading the flight home. After screaming his head off before we ever left the terminal and writhing and kicking me for no apparent reason whatsoever, he conked out in my arms and that was that. When we landed he woke up. Turns out that the flight from San Diego is a lot shorter when you are not trying to entertain a toddler the entire time.

On Tuesday we had fun at the zoo where this one really exciting thing happened but for reasons I cannot go into, I am not allowed to blog about it. You should just know that it would make a phenomenal story if I were permitted to tell it. I'm really sorry if you're just dying to know now. Perhaps, one day, in my memoirs or something, it will be told.

Garrett learned several new words while we were there and I am starting to think that he might talk in sentences before his seventh birthday after all.

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  1. I didn't know you went to the zoo while you were here....where was I?