Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dare I Utter The Word...Spring?

Oh what a difference five days makes. So remember how I woke up to snow on the first of May? Do you remember my subsequent blog tantrum? I assure you that it was the equivalent of a "lay on the floor kicking and screaming until I get my own way or rupture a blood vessel in my head or fracture my ankles" kind of tantrum. Or maybe I just said something about how mother nature needed to get her act together. Just in case you need a refresher, this was my yard:

Well, I do not generally condone temper tantrums and they rarely bring about the desire of the person throwing them. Except, apparently, in this case. My tantrum brought Spring. So I put aside everything else I needed to get done this morning in favor of this:

Five days ago there was snow on the ground. Today there is a toddler in a wading pool and--since it's kind of hard to tell--there is water in it! Freezing cold water, yes. But that's hardly the point. I promise I wasn't torturing him by throwing him into a wading pool in 50 degree weather. It's 78 and he climbed in of his accord. Being that I was nearly beside myself with glee, I allowed the following:

Yes that is my son eating a popsicle, at noon, before he had lunch. Why? Because it's Spring. I felt that a popsicle to celebrate such a momentous occasion was the very least I could do. And as we sat together in the sun, he in his wading pool and I on the grass, I could almost smell the ocean...


  1. In 16 days you can smell the ocean. You and Dena are such fun moms. Cake for breakfast and popsicle appetizers.

  2. Welcome to spring in Utah. It always keeps you guessing. Actually, it will sometimes start in February, or even January. We'll get a warm spell and the crocuses will bloom. And then we have snow in May.


  3. You will be very pleased to know that it is actually 10 degrees warmer where you are than here in California. The weather page says it's 68 degrees at my school, and it was cloudy at noon.

  4. Well, today in San Diego it was forecasted for low-to-mid 60's and it even misted a few times. I don't think I ever saw the sun. Enjoy your sunny-ness. Tell G-Man hi and that I can't wait to see him, and that if he has forgotten who I am I will cry. The end.