Monday, December 31, 2007


My brother's girlfriend is about to get on a plane and fly back to my mother ship. I am jealous of her in a mighty way.

Oh California, how I miss your 67 degree mornings. But, it's awesome here, too. Tonight, the low is 4. As in F-O-U-R. That's right. Work it, Tundra. Work it.


  1. You could come up to Canada where we live in igloos. No really, it's true.

    We eat walrus blubber and use icicles for our forks & knives. Good times.

    In all truth, in BC it just rains. We have not a drop of snow anywhere on the ground. Sigh. When we do it's awfully exciting.

    Go either real hot or real cold. I get it. I really do.

  2. you crack me up! so we're leaving SD in the morning. it was so beautiful here, went to coronado today with the boys, rode the ferry, rented a surrey bike...soaked up the sunshine. are you jealous?? :o) we get home to possible snow...what a shock! enjoy your tundra. dena