Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas morning

Christmas morning is a funny sort of thing when you have a toddler. Garrett decided that his favorite gift of the day was a candle that arrived via my own stocking. He carried it around as though it was his most prized possession. Don't get me wrong, he loved most of his gifts, he just didn't love them quite as much as he loved my candle.

This year was humorous. He liked to open one present and play with it for fifteen minutes before we finally coaxed him into opening another one. I think that next year we will officially enter the "rip/tear" phase that comes with two-year-oldness.


  1. Last year, Lucy took control of a bottle of glue given to my brother in law in his stocking. She carried it around all day, took it to nap and in the car even the next day. I just found it the other day in the center storage console when I swiped it from her a day or 2 after Christmas when she fell asleep in the car.

    Kids are so weird sometimes.
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. just wait, soon enough there will be wrapping paper everywhere and the real fear that one of the presents, probably, your favorite one will get scooped up and thrown away. enjoy the time with your family, I know I am. :o) Dena