Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Does It Mean?

If you know me in real life or have spent more than a minute on this blog, you know that I have incredibly vivid dreams.


Explain to me why, two nights ago, I had a detailed dream involving me dying of meningitis. Except I don't think I actually had meningitis symptoms. I just had a fever and I didn't want to move and I was in the hospital and the whole world was very concerned. Except my husband and children because, if they existed in Lori's Land o' Dreams, they were absent without leave. I also think I might have been considerably younger than I am. This is based on the fact that the only person I actually knew in my dream was my mother who refused to leave my bedside. Although, maybe if I was actually dying of meningitis, she would be refusing to leave my bedside? Even in my current state of, well, 32.

Oh no.


I did have a husband in the dream because, at one point, I was lamenting how much of all it was costing. Just then, the doctor came in and said, "I've been reviewing your finances." (Full service doctor, right there). As I laid there and wallowed in my illness, she continued, "You really don't have much to speak of, do you?"

And even in my state of extreme sickness, I managed to be very irritated.

So maybe my husband was busy working so that he could keep paying the hospital to keep me? I know that I kept telling my mom to let me go to save the finances. Except I just don't think death was imminent. I think I had a fever and felt like crap. These are not really reasons to justify euthanasia. I think, maybe it wasn't meningitis, even. I think my doctor would have been better off being an accountant and not diagnosing me with a terrible disease.

My dreams are weird.

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