Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Hill

They're wearing helmets because, well, they're crazy, we're those parents, and there is a metal grate at the bottom of the hill that has already been responsible for one immense goose egg on the skull of one of my children this season. This child.

This one finally treks up to the top of the hill, by himself, without whining and crying about it. Without me having to grab him by the hood of his jacket hand and drag him. But he'd still rather prostrate himself on the ground and eat large quantities of snow. 

He's trying to master his beginner snowboard. It would probably help if he actually stuck his feet all the way into the straps.

The oldest has been "snowboarding" for longer, so he's a little better. Of course, he needs to have his tongue sticking out for ultimate focus.

(He's had the focus tongue since he was a tiny guy.)

The snow can be a pain, the freezing temperatures are undesirable to my thin, sunshiny blood, but it sure is fun to spend the afternoon at the sledding hill.

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