Friday, January 17, 2014


Yesterday I was with kinders.

They seemed so mature to me last year. Now that my own child is in first grade and has a head full of adult teeth, the kindergartners seem a little like babies. One of them sucks her thumb non stop and can't recognize the letter O.

But, in any case, they are still hilarious.

"Can you tell me some words that rhyme with and?" I asked them.




"Well, man doesn't rhyme with and. It has the same vowel sound but it doesn't end in the same sound. Let's try again."

"FRAND!" One girl shouted, very proud.

"Well, okay. Frand does rhyme with and frand a word?"

Some said no. Some said yes. The girl who supplied the answer shouted, "Yes! It is too a word." Then she put on her very best southern accent and said, "This here's my fraaaaand."

And I could not hide my laughter.

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