Thursday, January 10, 2013

Play Date

The Rock Star had a play date this afternoon.

The kid he had over was seriously funny. I don't even remember all the hilarious things he said but I remember a couple.

1. As soon as I finish with college, I think I'll go to high school.

2. Do not give me a nickel. Don't let me anywhere near a nickel. I used to eat them and they'd get stuck in my throat so I can't be around nickels.

He was also really polite. He ate his entire bowl of macaroni-and-cheese and his banana. He said, "Thank you for my lunch." I made them cupcakes. He thanked me for that too. The older boys got along really well and even included Matthew. He stayed for three hours and there was never a tear shed, a voice raised or a fight had.

It was really refreshing.

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