Friday, January 11, 2013


I seriously wish I had something to do with how darn adorable this kid is. Not that I really had anything to do with my first born, either. I mean, I think God's the only one in control of that but still. With this kid, I can't even pretend that I was in charge of how cute he turned out.

I'm warning all the little ladies out there, when he flashes that smile you are going to melt into a PUDDLE OF COMPLETELY UNDONE. Because that's what happens to me. And those cheeks. I call them his "Chubby Cheeks" and I kiss them multiple times a day. "Can I kiss your chubby cheek?" I ask and he leans over until all the adorableness is smack against my lips.

Today, we were working on his letters. He knows 22 of them. I showed him the T. He pretended like he didn't know it. Then he put it up to his ear and said, "Heh-wo? What's your name again?" Then, in a high pitched funny voice he hissed, "I'm the T." He pulled it down from his ear, looked at me and, with a completely bored look, said "It's the T." His brother and I laughed hysterically.

He was really excited about his Christmas program back in December. I knew it was going to go one of two ways. Either he'd sing and dance and be adorable or he'd put on his grump face and refuse to even stand on the stage. Kiddo surprised me by doing neither. He walked up, waved to the crowd and promptly got shy. However, he remained onstage the entire time. He smiled occasionally and sang at least a few lines of each song. He was also completely OBSESSIVE about HIS spot. If another kid dared to stand on MATTHEW'S star, he was NOT HAPPY. Apparently I need to work with him on improvising the scene if it doesn't go absolutely according to plan. Because it never goes absolutely according to plan.

There are days when I don't know that I'll live through the stunts this kid pulls. And then there are days when I can't believe he's the same child who used to SCREAM ANGRY BLOODY MURDER. ALL. THE. TIME. Because, look at that smile...

Cuteness. Times infinity.

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