Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ahem. Let us just pretend that it's not already January 6 and I'm only now getting around to blogging about Christmas. Shall we? 

On the 23rd of December my boys looked like this. Just go ahead and lock up your daughters now because, in approximately 24 and 27 years, respectively, I'll allow them to start dating and, well, they clean up nice.

On Christmas Eve we had a church service. Snow was coming down like crazy so we left really early and went out to a late lunch right by the church. (More on that in another post.) After church that night, we headed home and ate some snacks. After we all got into comfy clothes and jammies, we read the Christmas story from Matthew.

Then it was present time.

On Christmas Eve we open the things from Troy's side of the family. This year we also decided to open the presents from my extended family. Garrett had been begging for Battleship for awhile. The cousin who drew his name in the exchange got it for him, along with a little Lego set. Before he opened it he said, "I think this box is my Battleship game!" He's getting pretty smart...

Matthew's jammies matched the season. He also might have been the absolute cutest that either boy has ever been at Christmas. He totally got it all and he was so excited and thankful for each and every gift. It was really adorable to watch.

Garrett borrowed our camera and snapped this shot. We tried to smile instead of yelling, "Be careful! Don't drop it! We can't replace it!" I think it turned out okay. I mean, we're missing rather vital parts of our heads but it's pretty good for a six-year-old.

We set out cookies and milk for Santa and reindeer food for his traveling companions. Troy braved the icy roads and crazy last minute shoppers to pick up batteries for one of the gifts the boys had received. I set to getting the kids in bed. I made the mistake of telling them that I received a text on my phone saying that Santa had been spotted in Colorado. Garrett freaked out because they weren't in bed yet. He dove under his covers and started to cry, "Mommy! Get in bed! Santa won't come if you're up. OH NO! DADDY IS STILL OUT THERE! CALL HIM NOW! SANTA WON'T COME MOMMY WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" The hysteria reached such epic levels that I had to do something.

I looked at my phone. "Oh!" I said. "Sorry, Garrett. I read it wrong. Santa was spotted in Connecticut. We still have plenty of time." 

But he'd worked himself into a frenzy and suddenly his emotions were completely out of control. He started telling me that he was afraid of Santa because it is weird for someone to wander around his house in the dark and could he sleep in my room and would Santa come upstairs and spy on him while he was sleeping and oh the humanity? Eventually I got him calmed down enough to fall asleep. By the morning he was all fun and games and Santa Clause has been here and HOORAY!

We opened stockings and Santa presents in our pajamas. Then we had a big protein filled breakfast, got dressed and opened everything from each other.

The Little Buddy got a book about a monkey. Among other things.

The Rock Star got a rash guard for surf camp. He begged for this one day and I bought it while Troy distracted the kids. He'd tried on a few different ones and this one fit the very best. Even though he knows how to read, he said, "Is it the Rip Curl one?" I said no. He said, "Is it O'Neill?" I said no. "Well, then, what is it?" he asked.

"Body Glove."

"Oh. The Body Glove rash guard. Okay. THANKS!"

Apparently my six-year-old is working hard on knowing the differences between his surf brands.

Troy found each boy a jersey on Ebay. Matthew received a super cheap jersey of the best Charger of all time. (Yah Tomlinson!)

Garrett decided awhile ago that Oregon State has the best mascot of any school of all time of ever. Because he loves beavers he has become obsessed with OSU. He was happy with his jersey which he put on over the top of his rash guard. He then sported Rash Guard Jersey for half the day.

Later in the day, we opened presents from my parents and half Skyped with them. We have no idea what was going on but my parents were able to see and hear us while we could only hear them.

We had a great day relaxing, not getting chickens, building Legos, and hanging out.

I made chicken*, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce for dinner. We gathered around and gave thanks for the baby Jesus born to die.

*In the interest of full disclosure, it is important for me to state that Costco made my chicken. I merely reheated it. God bless Costco.

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  1. I was seriously cracking up out loud reading about Garrett's Santa IS creepy. Too funny.